What is a Furby?
A Furby is an electronic soft-toy made by Tiger Electronics
which went through a brief period of being a "must-have" toy
following its launch in the Holiday season 1998. Quickly selling
out at stores, many people would wait in line for hours to be
the first in the door on a day when a store expected to display
a new shipment. Though it retailed for about thirty dollars,
the demand for these toys during the 1998 holiday season
drove the resale price over one hundred dollars and
sometimes as high as several hundred dollars. There were 27
million Furby toys sold for a 12-month period.

What does a Furby do?nighttimesAs an electronic sensor and
therefore detects when it's morning or nighttimes, if someone
is playing with the lights, or if another Furby is in the vicinity.
Furby starts off speaking in his/her native Furbish and through
regular communication and play with you, will eventually speak
Furby will wake up when it gets light, ask for food and drink,
ask to be petted or ask to play. Furby falls asleep when tired
or moans and complains when bored - often just randomly
coming to life and shouting "Borrrrrinnnngg" at everyone.
Furby will even WIGGLE EARS and does tricks, also, there's a
whole host of games that you can play with him/her - that's
why it's so good to have the original instructions!
Furby loves other Furbys and if you put them together they
start chatting away and teach each other SONGS, GAMES
and TRICKS. You can even put lots of Furbys together and
witness the chaotic chatting that ensues!
Furby can communicate with you and you can teach him/her
many things. Furby loves to play, eat, be petted, and chatter
away. All the time that you interact with Furby he/she grows
and develops and will keep talking to you and ask you to do
things for him/her

What is a Shelby?
It's equipped with a Furby-like face, a shell, antennae and six
sensors. There's a touch sensor for "petting," a sound sensor
for sounds, an antennae sensor for motion, a light sensor for
responding to day and night, a tilt sensor that lets it know
when it has been turned upside down and a touch sensor that
tells if there's something inside its mouth. Shelby begins
speaking in gibberish, but eventually switches to English. It
knows 275 words that can be combined into 1000 phrases, and
after a while the creature will even tell knock-knock jokes. It
also has the ability to know when another Shelby or Furby is in
the area, and they'll start singing and dancing. Note that
younger children (ages 3-5) play with Shelby and Furby toys as
they would a typical doll or stuffed animal; older children and
adults enjoy teaching the creatures new words and trying to
get them to say jokes.
              The Furby Zone mission is to provide our customers with a quality Furbys and Shelbys at fair prices and fast shipping.                                
Which will give endless enjoyment from childhood to adulthood
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